Do you love Santa Fe’s Blue Doors? Here’s Why They are Painted Blue

We all love Santa Fe. And as you can see in the beautiful photos of homes here, we have a lot of blue doors. You may wonder about the origin and meaning behind it. I love Santa Fe blue doors too, so I thought I would tell you about their history and why they’re so special. 

In many areas of New Mexico, you’ll see blue doors, windows, or fences on homes. The tradition of painting doors blue is not exclusive to Santa Fe. Blue doors can be found all over the state. Although you may see varying shades of blue, turquoise or sky-blue are the predominant shades you’ll see across the state. One reason the color is prominent in New Mexico is because of our long-standing history of mining and creating jewelry from turquoise. 

What turquoise means to New Mexico

The state’s history with turquoise goes back to Native American culture, but it has also become a significant part of New Mexico’s commerce and culture.  Turquoise blue is the signature hue in New Mexico and turquoise is also the state’s official gemstone. 

Turquoise has been mined in New Mexico and used in New Mexico’s jewelry and art for centuries. However, in the Native American community, turquoise is not just a rock, it’s sacred. Many Indigenous people in the area wear turquoise for spiritual protection. “If you’re Indigenous, turquoise is part of your heritage, it’s predetermined,” says Morris Muskett, a Gallup, New Mexico-based Navajo jewelry maker, and weaver. 

But, why are so many of the doors in the area painted blue?

People love Santa Fe because of how art, culture, and history are naturally intertwined into its architecture, homes, and businesses. The blue doors are an unmistakable symbol of Santa Fe, and they do indeed have a story behind them, which one is true is uncertain

While turquoise is a large part of the state’s history, there may be a deeper spiritual meaning behind why the doors in Santa Fe and other areas of New Mexico are painted blue. The Taos News explains some theories as to why the doors are painted blue:

The Spanish Moors may have brought them to New Mexico

In parts of northern Africa, Spain, and Portugal, blue doors are common. The reason they became common in New Mexico, however, is not clear though. One theory is that the Spanish Moors brought them here. They were known for painting their doors blue to keep away insects. This is because blue is the color of the sky and they believed insects don’t fly toward the sky.

The blue doors are a Native American tradition

However, others believe that the blue doors are a Native American tradition. Blue is considered a sacred color in many of the indigenous tribes in New Mexico. In Navajo culture, there are four significant colors and each color represents one of four cardinal directions. These colors have cultural and spiritual significance.  The color blue represents the direction of the Southwest.  Some believe that the tradition of painting your front door blue began as a way to keep evil spirits away. Do you think it works on evil neighbors, too???? Try it and let me know!

Whether you love Santa Fe homes for their blue doors, or you just love the area, there’s no doubt Santa Fe is a beautiful and unique place to call home. If you’re ready to learn more about moving to Santa Fe, give me a call at Simply Santa Fe Homes. 505-603-9161.